Kate Martino MS, PA-C


After being overweight for most of my life, I was finally able to lose 40 stubborn pounds and keep it off (almost effortlessly) for over 7 years. After multiple failed diet attempts, I instead slowly changed my lifestyle by making intuitive (self-guided) and healthy changes to my food choices, eating habits and overall life. 

The difference this time was finding balance, having different goals (instead of simply wanting to look better in a bikini) and listening to my gut, which helped me enjoy food, rather than abuse and fight it each day. 

I realized I could have natural restraint rather than forced restriction and felt free rather than stuck. I enjoy food and life so much better now than before. 

Over time, through my own experiences and years of research and seeing patients, I've learned the many limitations of diets and weight loss programs and developed a better way to overcome everyday challenges, like stress, cravings, time constraints, sticking to portions and most importantly staying motivated. 

Through the content I share on this site, coaching and self guided programs I offer, you can learn the tools you need to achieve these results yourself, and experience lasting success.