Find it hard to figure out how to eat healthy in normal life?

Strong urges to snack and eat when you're not hungry?

Have a hard time thinking of simple and healthy meals to eat through the week and sticking to you meal plan?

Do you follow diet rules and feel guilty when you can't stick to them?

Struggle with feeling unsatisfied and hungry when you try to eat better?

You're not alone. I was there and got through it, now enjoying life feeling happier, healthier and leaner. I'm sharing my knowledge, strategies and habits that will help you get there too. 

Losing weight and getting healthy is hard, but maintaining it in normal life brings new challenges. It's overwhelming and hard to stick with for the long haul, but it doesn't have to be. Life is hard enough; why make it harder for yourself?

Are you ready to knock down the barriers between you and the freedom of a healthier and happier life; to stop banning entire food groups, feeling deprived and worrying about calories to instead find happiness and success in your weight loss and health journey? Get started today

If you're looking for personalized and step-by-step guidance to help you transition from dieting and stick with healthier habits for good, you can schedule a free phone consultation with me to see if individual coaching is a good fit and to get on the waiting list. Sessions can be used for short term guidance and problem solving or a longer term plan. 

You can simply email me at kate (at) katemartino (dot) com to get started.