Kate Martino MS, PA-C

One day, consumingly uncomfortable because my clothes felt tight and I was sluggish and brain fogged, I decided it was time to change.


I had this life changing moment where I realized my daily habits were making me miserable and unhealthy. These realizations flashed before my eyes, the frequent overeating, indulging, and eating when I wasn’t even hungry and the resulting sluggishness, moodiness, bloating, discomfort and acid reflux. I was over it.


These habits were tricky. Doritos, Applebee’s, french fries, late night bowls of cereal, Reece’s cups, never using portions and eating freely felt great in the moment. But I paid for it much longer than that joy lasted. I realized it wasn’t worth it anymore. The discomfort I felt each day because of those habits outweighed the discomfort of changing them.

I started simply with walking more, eating less processed food, and eating only when I was hungry and stopping when I was full. Yes, it was that simple. And I started losing weight.

The weight loss was great, but switching to a clean diet and not eating processed foods improved so many other things too. My eczema improved, acid reflux went away, acne resolved, I felt energized and rested, it felt easier to move and I felt more natural restraint around food.

I learned what my body actually needed, how often I really needed to eat and the foods that made me feel my best. I still had times where I overindulged, but my body wasn’t used to it anymore, so each time felt more uncomfortable. This helped me do it less over time.

The thing that helped me improve my eating habits for good was realizing I deserved so much better and putting myself first. It had a trickle down effect to other areas in my life and has brought more meaning and the ability to say ‘no’ and set boundaries. Eating habits often reflect how we feel about ourselves and our life.

A real food diet gets easier with time, once you learn what your body needs and how to make it fit into your lifestyle so that habits last. I can help you simplify a real food diet, make it fit easier into everyday life, share my tried and true tricks and maybe most importantly, love the food you eat.






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