Kate Martino MS, PA-C


After being overweight almost my entire life, I finally found a way to lose those 40 extra pounds without feeling miserable and have happily kept it off for over 7 years. That means I still go out to eat and have cheese, pizza, chips and sweets.

The difference this time was balance and listening to my gut (yes, that mindful and intuitive eating stuff actually works), which helped me enjoy food, rather than abuse it. 

Balance is a broad word without a clear definition, but for me it means to enjoy indulgences while eating healthy and to pair foods in a way that helps you feel energetic, clear minded, full and satisfied.  

When I started my journey, I actually didn't see results for a month or two. Did I get discouraged? No, I felt pretty great about my choices and I (thankfully) kept going. I was figuring out that whole intuition thing, which took a little time.

I then started to lose that stubborn weight I carried with me my whole life. My unrelated but nagging symptoms started to vanish too (acid reflux, indigestion, bloating, acne, exercise intolerance, foggy thinking, feeling sluggish and heavy, moodiness and fatigue). I realized these kind of changes don't happen overnight and that it's a marathon, not a race.

My relationship with food has completely changed. Instead of feeling like a prisoner to it, I feel free. Weight loss isn't about any one thing (like most weight loss programs focus on), it's about your mindset and overall life.  

Over time, through my own trial and error and lots (like years) of research as well as seeing patients, I've learned the common barriers to losing weight and the many limitations of diets/weight loss programs. I'm sharing my simpler, flexible and structured approach to learning balance, listening to your inner voice and other tips and tricks so you too can experience lasting weight loss and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.