Kate Martino MS, PA-C

A balanced and healthy lifestyle changed my life. It not only helped me lose weight and keep it off naturally, but also helped me heal and resolve various medical issues including acid reflux (GERD). 

I knew what was healthy and tried many times to change my diet, but it wasn't until I figured out how to fit it in my lifestyle and ways to enjoy it, that it stuck.


Through balance, being more intuitive, learning how to make healthy food simple and delicious, and being easier on myself, I was able to make lasting changes.

I realized that I could have natural restraint rather than forced restriction and felt free rather than stuck.

Over time, through my own experiences and years of research and working with patients, I've learned the many limitations of diets and weight loss programs and learned better ways to overcome everyday challenges, like stress, cravings, time constraints, sticking to portions and, most importantly, staying motivated. I developed a structure for healthier eating and lifestyle habits that allows for flexibility and personalization, since a healthy lifestyle looks a bit different for everyone.







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