Kate Martino MS, PA-C


This is my 'before and after.' So much has changed between the two, much more than what can be seen. Sometimes it feels weird for me to share this photo, or old photos of myself in general, because losing weight was only a part of the journey. When people see this, they often compliment my weight loss, which, don't get me wrong was amazing at the time, but it was so long ago now and there's much more to be celebrated, like the lasting (amazing) effects of the changes I've made and stuck with, which have transformed and greatly improved my life.

I lost 40 pounds (25% of my weight) and have kept if off for six years and counting. At first, I wanted to be thinner and make healthier choices to prevent future disease, but I had no idea the amazing effects it would have on my life in the present.

Aside from weight, my annoying health issues subsided almost immediately like acne, severe heart burn, moodiness, fatigue/feeling heavy all the time, and feeling like my life was ruled by food, cravings and strong urges to keep eating. I soon realized I was enjoying life more vividly and with more confidence that I ever had, since I was no longer plagued by negative self talk, physical limitations or pointless rules I made for myself only to break soon after (and the disappointment that followed). 

There were many challenges and barriers, (mental, physical and knowledge) that I've had to overcome to get to this point. Normal, everyday life definitely doesn't make it easy to achieve life long weight loss and healthy habits. It's about having the right structure and flexibility to navigate both normal life and healthier habits.

You probably know what I mean, like overcoming cravings and emotional eating, socializing and staying on track, finding the energy and time to eat healthy consistently, knowing what's actually healthy, dealing with feeling disappointed or like you've failed and maintaining motivation all while juggling the stresses, appearances and routine of everyday life.

I've spent the last 6 years not only living it but learning about weight loss, health and wellness and how to do it, so I can save you time, energy and disappointment as most people experience figuring it out (or worse, give up before figuring it out). I hope to make it simple and give you a clear path forward along with specific strategies, so you can transform your life and get the most of it as your best self!