Kate Martino MS, PA-C


My own journey:

I've learned that a healthier diet and lifestyle works first hand. I began my own journey before it was a ‘thing.’ Most people thought I was crazy for cutting out processed food and paying more for organic produce. But after only a couple months, I was losing the extra weight I could literally never shed my whole life, and my unrelated but nagging symptoms started to vanish (acid reflux, indigestion, acne, exercise intolerance, foggy thinking, feeling sluggish and heavy, moodiness and fatigue).

I didn’t set out to lose weight. I just started to pay attention to what was in the ‘food’ I was eating, and started to link the lack of nutrients, high simple carbohydrate diet and food additives to all my symptoms. Within days of eating clean, I was feeling better. That was the beginning of transforming my entire lifestyle, to be healthier and happier.

I pursued a career as a Physician Assistant hoping I could pass on these life changing recommendations but quickly realized the limitations in the medical field. After a couple years of gaining experience and learning as a PA, I realized that the root causes to virtually all symptoms and disease are diet and lifestyle based. No treatment can be fully effective, or will have much staying power, if your diet and lifestyle is unhealthy and imbalanced. Improving your diet and lifestyle habits will improve your health and wellbeing.

My mission:

Since diet and lifestyle isn’t actually part of modern (western) medicine yet it plays a integral role in everyone’s health and quality of life, my mission is to not only share healthy living recommendations, but simplify it and show you how to fit it into your own life.

A healthy lifestyle looks different for everyone. I’ve found that most people know what’s healthy, more fruits and vegetables, less fried foods and sugar, but it’s really hard to do it consistently in normal life. I’ll share all my strategies, tips and methods to help you fit healthier habits into your own lifestyle, so that healthy living feels natural and enjoyable.