Despite your barriers, struggles or years spent doing-less-than-successful attempts at losing weight for good and sticking with healthy habits, I fully believe you're capable of doing it! With the right encouraging support, structured but flexible plan, knowledge and approach to knock down your barriers, you'll be able to achieve it and almost effortlessly live the life you've been working so hard for, as a better version of yourself (leaner, confident, happier and free from negative self talk and bad food habits).

Online Coaching

I'll help you assess your current eating habits and lifestyle and guide you though overcoming your barriers with ease, forming lasting habits and finding joy in each step to design the healthy lifestyle that's best for you. 

If you're looking for short term guidance or help overcoming a simpler obstacle, I'd love to help with that too.

To get started, you can schedule a free phone consultation to make sure it's a good fit and get on the waiting list. Email me at kate (at) katemartino (dot) com. 

Self Guided Programs

If you're looking for more information, proven solutions to common barriers and self guided, structured plans to help you achieve your health, wellness and long term weight loss goals, then join my email list below to hear first when they become available!