Easiest And Healthy Weeknight Pasta

I’m all about e a s y when it comes to weeknight meals, but I’m not about sacrificing health! For us, weeknight dinners have to be calorie controlled, well balanced and have lots of veggies (this structure allows up to have more flexibility on weekends and stay on track). But still satisfying enough to hold us over all night.


I like to add in meatless meals through the week. The main protein comes from either eggs, dairy or beans. Traditional pasta can fit into a healthy and clean eating diet, but it’s carbohydrate dense. I typically save traditional pasta for a ‘special’ dinner on weekends and avoid it during the week.

So when the craving for pasta hits and I want to keep dinner lower carb, I use bean based pasta and make it a meatless meal. It fits perfectly with the Mediterranean diet and is great for vegetarian and vegan diets.

What I especially love about this dinner is that it’s done in like 15 minutes and requires little effort. It’s nutrient dense, balanced, satisfying and super easy, that’s a win.

I’m loving Ancient Grains lentil pasta, made with only lentils and quinoa (it’s minimally processed but with all real food based ingredients!). It has plenty of protein per serving and is lower in carbs than traditional pasta. I also love the flavor and texture, it has a satisfying chew.

Here’s how I make it:



  • Bean based pasta cooked in salted, filtered water

  • Greens (I used fresh arugula, you can use steamed kale, chard or spinach instead, I often add steamed broccoli too!)

  • Tomatoes, chopped

  • Pesto to taste (a few tablespoons) (homemade or clean brand)

  • Salt and pepper to taste

  • Freshly grated parm cheese if desired


  • Toss cooked, strained pasta (save the liquid!) with all ingredients while hot to slightly wilt the arugula.

  • Add salted pasta water as needed to create a sauce with the pesto to coat all ingredients.

  • Top with grated parm cheese and enjoy!