Simple, Clean and Healthy Weeknight Dinner Ideas For Weight Loss

When you want to eat clean and healthy, sticking to it during the busy work week is important, but sometimes the most challenging.

After a draining day, the last thing we feel like doing is cooking a dinner that involves a bunch of ingredients and effort. Plus, we want to eat something that makes us feel good, rather than feeling hungry or deprived afterwards. It’s easier to grab something quick, whether it be takeout or picking up something pre-made from the food store.

Even when you choose a pre-made or packaged food that seems healthy, there’s likely questionable and concerning additives, like preservatives, flavor enhancers, binders, food coloring and refined carbohydrates (starches, sugar and flour). You can’t control the quality of ingredients, the amount of fat or carbohydrates added or the cooking methods used in processed foods.

Cooking at home is the best option when you want to improve your health and weight. Aside from meal planning and preparing meal elements ahead, having a rotation of go-to meals that you really enjoy is key. I’m sharing some recipe ideas below to add easy options to your own healthy and clean meal rotation.


Oh She Glows is an awesome plant based recipe resource. I’ve made this soup so many times, it’s delicious. We add sautéed shrimp to the top for extra lean protein. This can be made ahead in a big batch, portioned in containers and frozen for multiple easy dinners.


This is another one of our favorites by Oh She Glows! It uses cashew cream for the creamy element which makes it so satisfying. You can add shredded chicken for lean protein if desired.


I love farro; we make it a few times a week. I also love this real food, clean grain bowl shared by Camille Styles (made with Gail Simmons, who I love from Top Chef) because it’s simple and nutritious. You can easily customize the protein and veggies to fit your preferences and what’s in season. You could add roasted beets or sautéed or roasted mushrooms, zucchini and peppers too.

Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 3.20.43 PM.png

This is a hearty and satisfying grain bowl (some people call them buddha bowls) shared by Cookie and Kate . You can easily swap this dressing for pesto to save time and reduce some calories from the oil based dressing, if it’s a concern. I love arugula, so I’d also go heavier on it!


One of my favorite egg pairings is with tomatoes and arugula. The only change I’d make is using fresh mozzarella (I’d drain it on a paper towel to decrease some moisture). You can easily customize the cheese for feta, cheddar, or Swiss too. This is a great low carb dinner option to serve with a side salad.

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 7.15.35 AM.png

This flavor combination is surprisingly delicious and one of my favorite chilis. I add black beans and use bone broth (Pacific organic bone broth). I tend to be a lazier cook and butternut squash can be difficult to peel and chop, so I simply halve it and roast it in the oven until it’s tender. Then I scoop it into whatever I’m making.